Terminal Upkeep

House Check Inspection Services offered by Terminal – for the Safest Investment in Israeli Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the fastest-growing markets in Israel these days. Many local and international investors are looking for ways to ensure their capital invested in newly established projects, or in older construction projects.
The process of acquiring real estate property requires a strict and well-structured approach. Terminal offers one of the most competent and professional services for house inspections in Israel.

The items checked by Terminal House Inspection

Terminal takes into account everything that might go wrong in a building structure. The main point of a house check is to verify that the value of the estate will not decrease due to unexpected malfunctions, such as:
– Plumbing
– Foundation malfunctions
– Electricity systems
– Fluidities
– Cracks in the walls
– Flooring inaccuracies (that might become worse over time, as a result of seasonal changes or other weakening effects)
– Insufficient waterproofing and insulation

These days, Israeli regulations also demand a measure of radiation levels at different settings to ensure the safety and well-being of future habitants.
Terminal services provide the full package of inspection, allowing you to see the full picture regarding the current state of the venture, as well as prospects for the future.

The full value of a highly qualitative inspection

A house check is important in the following situations:
– Purchasing a house built in the past
– Receiving the final result of a construction project
– Bargaining during a real estate deal

The professional report prepared by the Terminal expert is perfectly suitable for both civil and court use, and is acceptable as an official document for any requirement.
With Terminal all-around inspection, you can be sure you won’t receive ant hidden faults when purchasing a real estate asset of value. The inspection is performed by renowned architects and engineers with the highest level of training and experience.